When A Dog Just Isn’t Enough

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PUFFY Courtesy Charlene Hasebe

Courtesy Charlene Hasebe

I LOVE dogs ! They make us laugh with their silly antics or snuggle with us when we’re sad.  Studies show that petting or playing with an animal can decrease stress in humans.  If you don’t have a dog or sometimes when a dog just isn’t enough then what do you do to destress? I’m sharing an easy-to-do list of tips that can give you some relief (click the link below).  If done everyday, you’ll get hooked on its’ benefits and get back to Leaning Into Joyfulness.


8 Super Easy Tips To Relieve Stress….. and It’s All Free



“Ninja-tech” Scott Owens Shares How-To Tips on Cleaning Out Personal Info From Your Old Cell Phone

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The average person upgrades their cell phone every 18 months

The average person upgrades their cell phone every 18 months

Scott has been my super web master for many years. He’s smart, kind, generous and I trust him. Recently I asked him to share his knowledge about cell phones with my readers of Lean In With Linda. You’ll want to take notes.

THE average person upgrades their cell phone every 18 months. Many people choose to sell their old phone or drop it off with their cell phone carrier to be recycled. What many people do not realize is that a lot of personal information is on your phone and considering how often we hear on the news about the problems of identiity theft, it’s best to be certain your phone is wiped clean before being sold or recycled.

It’s often incorrectly assumed that you don’t need to clear out a phone that is being recycled. You might imagine that it just goes into a big machine to be broken apart. What actually happens is they are sent to facilities where the phones are tested and sorted then re-sold to refurbishers who then resell them to individuals who are looking for used phones at a discounted price. Only the phones that are absolutely 100% non-functional actually get broken down and recycled.

Some companies have very strict procedures to shred memory and SIM cards and do a factory reset on the phones to wipe out any information and photos. But that takes a lot of time and manpower. We all know that any competitive business with thin margins could inevitably choose to cut corners and making sure your information is wiped off the phone may not be a priority for every company.

Here are some tips you can follow to remove your information before selling or recycling your phone:

1. access the Settings Menu
2. select General
3. select Reset
4. select Erase All Content and Settings

After you have reset the phone, if it uses a SIM card (Verizon, Sprint and other CDMA phones do not use SIM cards) make sure you remove it. Most models have a little door on one side which can be popped open by inserting the small metal key that came with your phone, or use a simple paper clip.

Android phones
The location of the factory reset option can vary depending on the model and Android version.
1. access the Settings Menu
2. look for Backup and Restore or Phone Information or Privacy Settings
3. select Factory Reset

If your phone has a SD card for extra memory storage it’s a good idea to remove it. The reset process should erase everything from it but sometimes it does not. If your phone has a removable battery, the SD card is generally found near the battery compartment or sometimes there is a small door on the side of the phone. You can keep the SD card to put in your next phone or keep as a backup in case you need more storage for your photos and videos.

Blackberry phones
1. go to Options Menu
2. select Security
3. select Wipe Handheld

Any other phones
You can expect to find a reset option in the settings menu somewhere. However, sometimes older phones require a passcode to reset the phone. If you didn’t set a custom code, the default passcode is usually 000000.

Always double check to be sure the reset process cleared off your photos and phone numbers.

If you can’t find a way to reset your phone, a quick Google search is often helpful and ifixit.com is an excellent resource. Just include the brand and model of your phone along with the phrase Factory Reset (e.g. LG400 factory reset) to get the most accurate search results.

Nature’s “bling”, a masterpiece, unique and extraordinary

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Nature's 'bling'

I’m excited because Springtime is here, my favorite time of the year. The air is cool and crisp, fields of flowers are in bloom, bare brown branches transform themselves into full, lush trees again, a time when nature reawakens from winter. It’s also a time when rain is plentiful, nourishing the earth with much needed moisture.

Last spring I was feeling restless after a few days of constant rain and decided to take a much needed walk in spite of the downpour. I put on my raincoat, boots and took an umbrella while grumbling about the wet weather.

About 15 minutes into my walk a little bit of sun broke through the clouds, placing a spotlight on a pine tree I often pass without much notice. However on this day I saw the pine tree as I have never seen it before. I stood in awe for some minutes then ran home to grab my camera to photograph one of nature’s beautiful moments. After taking a dozen or so shots I hurried home again to download the images to my computer hoping the camera lens captured the amazing sight.

What I saw was much, much more than I expected. Thousands of water droplets hung off slender needles almost defying gravity. Every droplet was a perfect sphere of H2O glistening in the rays of sunlight. It was nature’s version of “bling”, a masterpiece, unique and extraordinary.

Since then I look at rain differently and don’t mind heading outside with rain gear on and my camera of course to explore, to discover what nature is waiting to show me, and gently nudge me towards joyfulness.

Now it’s your turn to play in the rain !!

Discovering Beauty and Joy In The Everyday

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Cici enjoying her new found toy. Life is good!

We are a society that thrives on getting things done, keeping busy, and reaching our goals in the shortest amount of time. We are glued to and obsessed with our mobile phones, computers, and television living like robots. Sad to say many of us seldom notice the beauty all around us anymore. Sadder still we expect the extraordinary to happen, the need for “dazzle” in order to turn our heads.

In our busy-ness we have lost our childlike innocence to see beauty around us and the joy it stirs in our hearts. Dr. Brené Brown, author of The Gifts of Imperfection and guest on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, expressed her thoughts on joy this way…..”Joy is not a constant. It comes to us in moments–often ordinary moments. Sometimes we miss out on the bursts of joy because we’re too busy chasing down extraordinary moments.”

I was well into my mid fifties before realizing real joy was missing in my life. Fortunately my love for dogs was my saving grace, opening a door to become involved with training service dogs. They do the silliest things, are intuitive about how I’m feeling and infuse my days with pure joy.

Your joyful moments are just waiting to be unveiled. The next time you see something that makes you smile, stay with it a few seconds longer and begin to feel the magic of Leaning Into Joyfulness. Life is sweeter when you lean in.

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