Founder’s Story

My days often started frantically searching for keys wasting 3, 5, up to 10 minutes every morning. Yes, I’m embarrassed to say I was often LATE for work .  I tried everything that promised to solve my problem but nothing worked and high tech gadgets only made things worse!

One rainy night after leaving work, I headed to my car parked in a dark, open lot. As I neared my car I reached in my handbag for my keys and couldn’t find them. I fumbled and dug around my bag for what seemed like an eternity, getting rain-soaked, and cursing to myself. This wasn’t the first time it happened but that moment was when I had enough. That night I promised myself  to invent a product that would end my 20-year struggle with keys. In 2007 with the money I was putting aside to fund my bucket list, I hired a business attorney, filed my application to start a business and began working on a product prototype.  Samples were made, product testing done and in late 2008 Joyful Keyper (previously known as Fun Key Finder) was introduced to the marketplace.

Despite a boatload of mistakes, bad decisions, and dollars spent unwisely, I created a simple solution to locate keys in seconds. No more frantically searching for keys …. day or night!   

p.s.  My dad would often say to me “If your head wasn’t attached to your body you would lose that too”.  Inspiration comes to us in many different ways.

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