How it works

Imagine this…it’s 7am and you’re ready to leave for work. You grab your handbag, reach for your keys and they’re exactly where you left them.  Woo-hoo!!

You head out the door locking it behind you, get in the car, and ZEN-fully drive to work.  You’re on time, not running late, feeling no stress or frustration.  Your days of searching for keys are OVER !  High five! 

A woman’s handbag is at the heart of how Joyful Keyper works. Handbags are not just an accessory.  It’s a companion, an essential part of day-to-day activities. Without it, you often feel incomplete.  Handbags store necessities; keys, mobile phone, make-up, credit cards, cash, and more. 

Since there’s a direct connection between your keys and handbags it makes sense to have a dedicated spot for keys in your bag.  A place that never changes, where keys live 24/7.

(The first place people look when searching for lost items is their purse or bag according to a survey by Pixie)

When keys are tethered to your handbag they stay put. They don’t move. Keys won’t stray or be put down somewhere you won’t remember. The next time you need them you’ll know exactly where they are.

Joyful Keyper attaches to any handbag handle to hold a generous amount of keys.

The 14-inch leather strap reaches door locks without unhooking keys. 

Throughout the day you’ll have quick and easy access to keys!

Never feel embarrassed again because you’re late for work or miss another important meeting.

No ugh! moments, or pulling your hair out.  No wasting precious time.

It’s a magical moment when you no longer ask yourself Where Are My d–n Keys?

Something so simple…..yet so life changing.

p.s. – Electronic key finders don’t solve your problem, they only help you deal with it.  Joyful Keyper cures your problem.






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