Key Finder

Where Are My Keys?

Do you spend 10, 15, 30 minutes or more a day

searching for misplaced keys?


The average person spends

10 minutes a day looking for

misplaced keys:

10 minutes x 365 days =

60.8 hours a year !!


You may be thinking it’s no big deal, it’s just a part of life. Does it really matter if I spend 10 minutes looking for keys? Yes, in ways you may not have considered and here are some facts.

In a survey by, 1000 adults living in the U.S. reported that one in five people loses or misplaces personal belongings every week. And 50% of those surveyed said they became frustrated the last time they lost or misplaced an item.

Car keys and house keys top the list of the ten most common items lost.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics research showed: On average we spend 30+ minutes a day looking for misplaced items! 

Newsweek reported “The average American wastes 55 minutes a day looking for things they own but can’t find.”

No matter if you spend 10 minutes or more searching for keys you most likely feel irritated, even frustrated and that frustration manifests into stress.

Stress can make us feel sick and can cause illness. It takes away from our quality of life and robs us of time to do more important things, time that cannot be recovered

Stress-related illness costs the nation $300 billion a year in medical costs and lost productivity. American Institute of Stress

Eighty percent (80%) of our medical expenditures are stress related. The Centers for Disease Control

Sometimes finding a solution to a problem needs to be SIMPLE and straightforward. That’s the best and proven approach with keys.



Joyful Keyper = simple, effective


Customers tell us high tech gadgets don’t work for them, that it often makes things worse because it’s used in conjunction with an app in your smartphone, its’ range is limited and cannot go around walls. When the app is activated it triggers a loud alarm or brings up a map showing your key’s last known location but sometimes your misplaced keys don’t appear on the map so you’re back to going from room to room and looking under cushions.

The Solution: Joyful Keyper

Joyful Keyper provides a dedicated spot (home) for your keys that stays connected to your handbag, doesn’t stray from where it resides every day and can be accessed in seconds. No smartphones to turn on or apps to use. Just tug on the leather strap attached to your handbag and your keys appear from inside your bag….its a KISS moment.

More reasons to love Joyful Keyper:

  • Keys have a home, a consistent place to live, hang-out, chill (inside your bag); waiting for the next time it’s needed.

  • Because it’s tethered to your handbag or tote or backpack, keys won’t stray or get put down somewhere you won’t remember.
  • Stays Top Of Mind because it’s attached to your bag handle where it can be seen At-A-Glance.
  • Saves money by helping you stay on schedule for doctor appointments, avoiding no-show fees or paying $200 and more to replace your car’s smart key.
  • A health benefit – eliminates a cause of daily stress.
  • Added personal safety when you need to get in your car, house, apartment quickly, staying out of harm’s way.


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