Are you ready to start every day not hunting for keys?


Say goodbye to stress, chaos, and
moments of panic before taking a step
out the door. 



Do you dream of…

  • Never, ever wasting another minute searching frantically through your house for keys?
“I could never keep track of my keys until Joyful Keyper…
wondering where it was in the house or if I left them in my
handbag or someplace while out shopping” Bev L.
  • Saying goodbye to feeling embarassed for being late to
    work again and again or missing important meetings?
  • Finding something simple to use that really works?
  • No longer relying on electronic key finders that don’t solve the problem – only helps you deal with it?
  • Freeing yourself from chronic stress?
  • Cutting ties with your “favorite” locksmith?



TESTED AND PROVEN TO WORK: Busy working women say they no longer go searching for keys.


SPECTACULARLY SIMPLE: Nothing new to learn. Works with your habits not against it. Your keys are securely attached to your handbag where they live 24/7. They don’t move. The 14-inch strap is long enough to reach door locks without unhooking keys. Switching handbags? Simply transfer your keys from one keyper to another bag’s keyper. It’s as easy as moving your wallet between bags.


TIME SAVER:  Just think – spending 15 minutes a day searching for your keys add up to 91.25 hours a year lost forever – precious time you can never get back.


PROMOTES WELLNESS: Say goodbye to chronic stress, overwhelm, and feeling embarrassed for being late again and again to work, meetings, appointments. Start your day with a positive, stress-free mindset.

YOUR PERSONAL SECURITY: Having quick access to your car and house keys can increase your safety when you’re walking alone or at night and need to get out of harm’s way fast. You’ll know exactly where your keys are anytime you need them.




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