Joyful Keyper focuses on one clear mission: to make life seriously easier.   
We do that by creating elegantly simple tools to solve everyday frustrating  
and stressful problems.    

As a woman-owned company we set out to make quality products
but didn’t want to settle for good, we wanted awesomely good.
In function, durability, value, and customer service – 
to exceed your expectations.   


Joyful Keyper is for you because you’re tired of searching for keys
every-single-day.  You’re tired of feeling frustrated, overwhelmed,
and sometimes panic when you’ve wasted 3,5,10 minutes of your
precious time looking through your entire house and can’t find your keys.

You just want something that works, is simple to use, that’s effective,
and isn’t another tech product. And PLEASE…no more apps!
You absolutely know TIME IS PRECIOUS and it’s our most valuable
asset. We can’t ever get more time.  That’s reason enough to get 
Joyful Keyper.

 “I know how stressful and overwhelming it can be because I struggled 
with this problem for decades, more years than I’d like to admit. “
(Linda, company Founder) 
 There’s nothing complicated about Joyful Keyper.  
 It’s a better alternative that’s simple, easy, and proven to work. 


Joyful Keypers are handcrafted from two layers of genuine leather 
with a mesh fiber between to give it stability. 
For long-lasting durability, it’s stitched along both sides. Edges  
are sealed and finished, offering quality above the norm.  
Each metal clip is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in  
your hand and double coiled springs mean it’ll last for years.  
We believe everyone deserves a life that’s easier, better, and joyful. 

Girlfriends are talking.

  • The Joyful Keyper has saved me countless hours of looking for my keys.  It easily latches onto my purse, then I put my keys on the strap…simple, convenient and I always can find my keys in my purse without having to dig around, and they are always attached to my purse….VERY USEFUL PRODUCT!!!   
    Jody L. – Indiana

  • I have been using the Joyful Keyper for a number of years and I found the product to be indispensable.  The excellent quality of the keyper and thought that went into the design are impressive.  My house keys, car keys, gym membership card and rewards cards are all attached to my keyper and used several times a day.  I highly recommend the keyper for making life easier. 
    Diane O.

  • “I LOVE my Keyper. I love, love, love it; it is a girl’s best friend because I was the worse one digging for my keys but not any more !!!
    Valerie K. , Honolulu

  • “…the best idea …..a winner in my book. This makes a unique and really useful gift for all your best friends, mother, sister, or the gal who has everything. In fact, am sending my daughter the doctor a set to attach to her purses to increase her safety in those hospital parking lots in the middle of the night. She saw mine and loved the idea too.”
    QVC Devotee, Texas

  • “oh thank goodness! finally someone has invented a truly useable item. i received my keypers and i am happy to say they are terrific. no more digging around in my purse for my keys. the metal clip at the end of a good size strap is big enough to hold a large set of keys. the straps hang far enough into my purse so the keys don’t have to be on the outside. just clip the keys and go. and when i am out and about, it’s easy to find my keys because the strap is attached to the strap of my bag — ANY bag. super!!! thanks for a great idea.

  • Thank you for Joyful Keyper, It’s a Life Saver.  I use it every day.  I don’t leave my house without it.  My keys are always at my fingertips.
    Charlotte K., Honolulu

  • “Everybody with any kind of handbag who doesn’t want to get to their door and fumble for their keys needs these.

Joyful Keyper contributes to this important charity.
Learn more at HawaiiFido.org

Donated 325+ special edition Joyful Keypers to hospital frontline nurses.  November 22, 2021

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