“Previously when I went to work before sunrise, It was always difficult to find my keys in the dark while carrying all my other work items. Now, I always know where my keys are. The Joyful Keyper has made my mornings so much easier!”

Megan B. , Madison – Pastry Chef

“I’ve been using the keyper for several months now and LOVE it. I never have to search for my keys anymore… I never realized how much time and anxiety I experienced in looking for my keys until I didn’t have to do it anymore.”

Susan B., San Rafael


“The Joyful Keyper is one of those very useful tools that helps make everyday life easier. When your arms and hands are full of packages from shopping, it is so easy to pull the keys out and leave them dangling before you set out to the parking lot. Then when you approach the car, you can press the unlock button on the key fob and again leave them dangling till you get in the car. Before the Joyful Keyper, keys would be dropped on the [ground] while my arms and hands were full of packages! I feel this is also safer…..especially for women walking through a parking lot……as your keys are always there and ready for you making entry to your car faster! This is a one size fits all gift.”

Trudi G.


True story… I was negative at first.  I was wrong.

After easily attaching the Joyful Keyper to my purse, then attaching my “keys to the world” to the keyper, I rushed out the door to an afternoon appointment. In a hurry and running a bit behind, I slammed the back door rendering it locked and secured. Then it hit me; I had no keys to the house OR the car…and, no cell phone to call for help. This wasn’t my first time to do this. Knowing my son had borrowed the “other” emergency key, I had no way of unlocking the door and getting back inside for the car keys.

Standing there pondering my fate, and the repercussions of a lost appointment, my eyes happened to catch a slim black strap hanging from my purse. Eureka! The keys were attached to my Joyful Keyper and all I had to do was lift the strap from the inside of my purse and I was on my way.

From that moment on I was hooked (pun intended). My new routine when leaving the house now consists of grabbing my purse, checking to make sure I still have my keys on the strap, and off I go. And no more fumbling for keys in my purse when at the door with handfuls of groceries. I just lift the strap and there they are.

If it’s late at night and you’re approaching your door alone, what could be more helpful or safer than having your keys at your fingertips? The Keyper saves me time, is easily accessible, can be changed from purse to purse in a snap…or briefcase, or diaper bag; and there is the safety factor when arriving home late. The best part is no more locking myself out of the house. You can have my exercise bike or my favorite DVD, but you can’t have my Keyper. We’re hooked for life!

Georgia Richardson,  Author


Have any of you Traveling Mamas had to rummage around in the diaper bag or beach tote for those rental unit keys? We know that we’ve had to stand there while the older kids sway from side to side in frustration waiting as we search inside our Mary Poppins bags for the one item that will allow our kids back into the unit to rush to the bathroom. Linda Nagamine came up with a stylish and convenient solution to vacation rental key loss. The keyper easily attaches to your bag strap, making the mystery of the bottomless bag a thing of the past. All it takes is one potty trainer’s accident for Traveling Mamas to realize the investment for the keyper is well worth it.

Traveling Mamas blog

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